Meet Isobel - a valued addition to our organization over the summer

Elementary Literacy Inc. (ELI) offers summer positions to students. Many are enrolled in education-related programs. This is the perfect job to gain valuable experience to put towards a career or your personal life, whether you are interested in literacy, teaching, or being involved in your community.

Being a summer student for ELI has introduced me to the world of structured literacy and how organizations like ELI are working toward closing the literacy gap. I have trained with many experienced people. I have researched, and worked one-on-one with struggling readers. In a short time, I have watched them each progress! In addition to my work duties, I have been exposed to the endless opportunities ELI has within their own company and in the world of literacy.

Working with all of the amazing, knowledgeable employees at ELI has taught me so much about teaching literacy, how to measure outcomes in real life, and what changes need to be made in the world of education. I am set to take a Bachelor of Education after I complete my BA in English and Psychology, and this experience will stand by me the whole journey!