Thank you for your interest in having your child participate in the ELF program. The program requires a commitment from your family and child. We have a few questions and information to share before you get started:

1. Did you receive a referral from your child’s school? If not, please know that our program aims to help students who are struggling with foundational literacy skills and we will be assessing your child to ensure they are a proper fit for our program. Registering your child does not necessarily guarantee a spot in the ELF program.

2. If you are registering for the Barton program, there is a checkbox near the bottom of the form to indicate your interest. This program is reserved for students with diagnosed or suspected learning disabilities. Please do not select the checkbox if you have not been referred to this program by your school, Elementary Literacy or Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick staff member.

3. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that your child is ready and prepared for their tutoring sessions if they are taking place from your home. Repeated tardiness or absences will not be tolerated.

4. You need to have the appropriate hardware and internet connection for your child to participate in virtual tutoring sessions. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise virtual sessions. We will provide more details once you complete the registration process.

5. We are conducting a long-term impact study and are looking for participants. We would appreciate your consent to follow up in the future so we can ensure our programming is high-impact.